Billy, don’t be such a jerk

Here’s a study in maturity. A guy named Billy takes a column written by Eric Snider, changes a few words and posts it on his web site as a “humor column.” Eric, who once made a living writing (way to go Herald), asks him to take it off. Billy doesn’t respond, so Eric asks again and complains to Yahoo, which spells the end of Billy’s web site (I, for one, am shocked!).

Billy also has a blog, on which he posts a made-up quote from Eric in which Eric refers to himself as a homosexual and a pedophile. Then he posts something about Eric’s Utah Valley gang members, or some such crap, writing to him and how much they need to get a life. Again, he knocks Eric saying he’s a 30-year-old whose balls haven’t dropped yet.


Hey Billy, take the stuff off your blog, apologize to Snider and grow up a little bit. Furthermore, I don’t live in Utah.

First blog

First blog.

Once when working for a seminar company I was handing out fliers for the speaker to a crowd of about 200 in a Los Angeles hotel ballroom. Nothing was out of the ordinary, except in about the fifth row a woman was sitting several chairs away with one of her breasts hanging out of her dress. She didn’t notice, and based on the reaction of everyone around her, no one else did either.

When she finally did notice, she was embarrassed and obviously told her friend next to her based on how much they were laughing. No one else was laughing. As far as I know I was the only other person in the ballroom who knew.

There was no great controversy, no moral outrage. It truly was an accident. Boobs happen.
Janet Jackson’s exposed breast is a good thing, one of the best things to happen to television, I hope. TV execs are talking about toughening up standards, and the great news is none of this would ever have even been discussed without Janet’s wandering breast.

What was happening before Janet’s “accident” was far more offensive than the thing everyone is talking about. It had become a skanktimonius performance long before the exposure. While I wouldn’t take away anyone’s right to see that kind of display at a concert, I think my kids ought to be able to walk by the television at 5 in the afternoon and not see performances that cross way over the sensual line right into sexual. Maybe Janet’s boob will make it safe to watch the Superbowl again.