Hot tub!

After our two-week working vacation (working as in I’ll be helping Dad pack his house so he can move) we get to move into a new house near University Point. Our new address will be in Bremerton, which the scoffers like to call “Bummerton.”

What won’t be a bummer is the house, the fact that my dad will living downstairs and that we’ll have a hot tub. Dude!

Dad is 75 and since Mom died in 1998 hasn’t had someone permanent in his home for a while. Sue and Chato Palacios lived with him the first year or so and were a godsend. Jim (my brother) lived with him for a few years after that.

But now Dad will be close to his grandkids and us.

The house itself is pretty cool, at least it will be once we get our hands on it. We’ll be spending a lot of time removing the popcorn ceiling paint, re-painting and getting new flooring in. That should make a huge difference. The current owners kept the place in structural good shape so there aren’t any major changes in order, mostly cosmetic, which is plenty.

For now the plan is this is the house we will inherit once Dad gets to be with Mom again. We had been looking to buy, but this appears to be the best solution for having Dad close and still having enough room for our little family. Plus, did I mention the hot tub?

Hell and back

On Saturday we load up the minivan and head east, into Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound, through Seattle, over the Snoqualmie Pass, past Yakima, through the Tri-Cities, into Pendleton, over the Blue Mountains, into LaGrande, over a few more hills, into Baker City, more hills, Ontario, then into Boise, four hours of some of the most boring terrain ever devised for humans, Ogden, Salt Lake City then Alpine, Utah. If that sentence was long and boring, imagine the drive.

Do you feel my pain yet?

Then we’ll be staying in a house with no air conditioning and rumored breezes in a place that is regularly topping out over 100 recently.

Does it hurt yet?

OK, at least I won’t be working, not the kind that pays anyway. I will be helping my dad pack his house, because he’s moving up here.

Another plus is I will be seeing some family I don’t often see. I haven’t seen Mike in a couple years I think. Same with Dad. Diana’s family — I’ve seen them.


So someone named Glo was nice enough to post comments, and through the magic of reformatting I managed to delete the comments. Nice. I will probably be back here more often, so write to you soon. We’re moving, so there’s some news there, now isn’t there!