Not regular. Not often.

I’ve been thinking for the past month or so that I would put this blog aside for a while. So tonight I make it official. Of course, that will matter to about one other person other than myself, based on the tracking figures. I get an average of one visitor a day. Have a good Christmas Brant?

This wasn’t regular enough to keep visitors anyway, nor do I think you can generate a big audience if you’re not focused somehow. This site is pretty random. Anyway I’ve got a couple of writing projects in mind that I haven’t paid attention to. One way to spend more time on those is by spending less time wondering about this.

Perhaps I’ll post the occasional family update or some such thing. If you’d like to know when I do post something, you can use the RSS feeds on the right, or you can go to my complete profile and send me an e-mail.

We did have a great Christmas. We saw Polar Express again on Christmas Eve, went to the 3-D showing at the Imax at the Seattle Center. I liked it better this year than last, because I wasn’t sick. We had a great time at Aunt Pauline’s and a good Sunday Christmas at home. I’m still exhausted, but recovering.

God’s Army 2: States of Grace is supposed to be here in March. Assuming I see it I’ll write about it then. I hope by then there’s a groundswell of buzz. It bombed in Utah, but maybe it will take getting away from a Mormon audience to make it work.

Pitchers and catchers in February, a streak of sunny days. Who knows what will get me to write here again? All I can say is it won’t be regular and it won’t be often, except for when it is.

Field of Steve

Happy holidays

If you’re celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas.
If you’re celebrating Channukah, Happy Channukah, all eight nights.
Whatever your celebration, enjoy it.
Here, we’re planning a Merry Christmas.

But according to some people, there’s a war on Christmas afoot, so every time I say “Happy Holidays,” I’m contributing to the secular humanists who want to destroy religion.

I’ll probably refer to this again in the future, perhaps in a column once I start getting paid for those again. A few years ago I got into a conversation with a Pagan friend and asked her what she was doing for Christmas, or some such question.
She responded with something akin to “I’m not doing anything special, I’m not a Christian.”

My gut response, one I kept from leaving my mouth, was “What does that have to do with celebrating Christmas.”

Before my family found religion, we celebrated Christmas. We had a tree. We listened to songs that had religious themes and those that didn’t. We weren’t a church-going family, but we still celebrated Christmas. I don’t remember Jesus being mentioned except as part of a string of profanities. But we still celebrated Christmas. Those were good times.

Christmas had Pagan roots to begin with, was co-opted by Christian sects and became what we know it to be today. And isn’t that wonderful? It was always about giving and receiving, serving and being served, and expressing love. The spirit of the day, shared by those who profess to worship the Savior and those who don’t, is a heartfelt illustration of Christianity. Getting offended because someone says “Happy Holidays” isn’t.

Field of Steve

Paid to blog

Go on. Envy me.
I’m getting paid to blog.
Not here, mind you.
It’s for my daytime (and quite frankly I work a lot of nights, too) job.
The reality is it’s another duty added to the ones I had already. More work for the same pay, but I welcome this as something that will not only help me careerwise, it will be a boost to our publication. At The Kitsap Sun we’re in the process of adding blogs as part of our overall coverage.
The first one, Tracking the Speedway centers on International Speedway Corp.’s efforts to land a track here in Kitsap County. I’m one of four regular contributors.
ISC’s proposal brings the prospect, not the guarantee, that we could have NASCAR Nextel Cup Series races here. It’s no given, by any means, that the speedway will ever get approved. The idea doesn’t appear to have a lot of support from residents, except those who have businesses. Legislators aren’t sure about it, either. It could happen, but when I wet my finger and stick it in the air I can’t begin to tell you what I would predict. So I’ll just blog about it — on the other site. It might get another mention here from time to time.
So will another blog I’ll be running by myself called “The Bremerton Beat.” (I’ll link to it once it’s officially ready.)
My main point was to brag about getting paid to blog,

Field of Steve