Boring revisited

I deleted a rant I had about Michael Strahan calling the Seahawks storyline boring. I decided to be charitable, I guess. Nonetheless, I will resurrect a quote from 2001.

“I like boring,” New York defensive end Michael Strahan said. “When we got boring, we started to win. If boring means winning, we’ll be boring. We’ll let everybody else have the headlines. That doesn’t matter to us.” — Michael Strahan

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Field of Steve

Panthers vs. Seahawks

First off, some shouting.


Some problems. I think the Seahawks D will stop the run, but it will probably give up the big plays to Steve Smith. The offense will do well. A big factor, Carolina’s been in this situation before, failing once and succeeding once. The Seahawks have players who’ve been here, but the team as a whole is first-time visitors to this situation. Still, I say 27-17 Seahawks and on to the Super Bowl!