And So it Ends

The Kim and Steve saga, of which there were several chapters on this blog, appears to have ended thanks to Kim’s inability to stay away from someone from whom she was legally required to maintain a distance. It wasn’t Steve. I can’t remember who it was. I think it was a woman.

After several reports of the two of them, or one of them, heard on the police scanner and making brief appearances in the police blotter, the pair has drifted away. Steve’s whereabouts are unknown to me, though it seems the lack of Kim has made it easier to not draw attention from the cops. I haven’t heard a thing about him in weeks.

Kim, on the other hand, will be making her home in jail for the next several months, after the third violation of a no-contact order. The other person had the same order, so both might be jailed.

Of course this could be a good thing for both Steve and Kim. Steve gets to get on with his life without her and she has a year to stay sober. I’m not sure either of those results will play out just like that, but we can all hope.

As for me I rarely visit the Sev anymore, but I still check the reports to see if Steve will make a new appearance. How much do I hope to never see either name in a police report again? More than life itself.