The Car Would Not Start, so I Bought a Book About Decisions

This subject matter felt more inspiring to me when I was in the middle of it. So much influences how and when we make decisions. My car was locked, the key wouldn’t work and Diana was going to take a while to come get me, so I walked to Barnes & Noble, the opening setting for the story I wrote on change.

On that walk I thought, or better said I felt, this might be a good time to buy Jonah Lehrer’s book How We Decide. I referred to the book in the previously mentioned story, but had read a library copy. One of the first stories in the book is about a guy in the Navy who decides to order missiles fired at what appear as blips on a radar screen. He doesn’t know why he makes that call, and for a while assumes he was wrong to do so. When he finds out his call was correct he assumes he got lucky. A few years later a scientist figures out how it wasn’t luck at all, that information his brain was receiving triggered different chemicals in his body that gave him the sense that something was wrong. Amazing stuff.

There is a down side to that, too. Feelings influence many of our buying decisions, and advertisers know that full well, so that’s why attempts to appeal to our logic are not as powerful as ones that get us emotionally.

All of these thoughts on the walk to the bookstore happened because of other reasons that had me primed to make the decision to buy the book. I had wanted it. I went to Utah. While there I really enjoyed it but had no interest in staying there permanently. I came back and fell in love with this place again, despite the fact that the weather was not perfect today. The situation with Dad is such that we are sure we need to begin preparing for changes so that we can create a sustainable environment in this home. So many things triggered decisions to make changes, but most noticeably a determination to buy a book.

After writing about it I’m still not sure why I felt like I wanted to share that here. It seemed like a good idea while I was walking. Of course the bigger issue tomorrow will be getting that car started.