A boot in the butt in week 31

I made the decision more than a week ago to join the YMCA. I left work and drove over there and enrolled the whole famn damily and surprised Diana. She wasn’t necessarily thrilled until she went there herself and saw the palace. I kind of already went over this. The machines elliptical machines are Jetsonish and they have these stationary bikes that put you in a mock road race. I really like those, because otherwise I hate exercise bikes.

One of my first days there I saw a friend and he told me about the early morning boot camp. When I joined I was hot on the idea of doing classes, maybe Tai Chi or something. A boot camp, however, sounded like the ideal thing, especially when he said I could do the exercises at my own pace. At first I thought this would be something I would do eventually, but I signed up for a 12-week beginner’s exercise monitoring thing the Y offers and the coach there said “Why eventually?” Again, she told me I could do things at my own pace.

So this morning I got up at 4 a.m., which meant last night getting to bed by 10 p.m. I wasn’t absolutely committed to going and once I went I wasn’t committed to doing the exercises. I thought I might watch to see if it were something I could do. When I got to the gym, though, I chose in and did my best. My butt was thoroughly kicked, but it’s exactly the kind of stuff I want to do. So as of right now I plan to go back. It’s a tough call, in a way, because I’m not normally an early riser. I guess I can become one, eh.

OK, so now I’m an early riser.

The exercises include different kinds of push ups, none of which I can do fully; sit ups, which I really can’t do that well; lunges, which I can’t do fully; and other stuff I can’t really do. I mean I’m about 200 pounds overweight, so there is stuff I can’t do. I can do a lot, though, especially for my size. It was hard work and I’m tired, but I know from doing things like this in the past that if I lose weight and continue doing this kind of exercise, then a few days from now I’m going to notice that I feel like I can do more with my body than I could before.

Afterward I shot a few baskets just to make sure I did something fun. Now it’s 7:45 and I’m about to leave for work, which is an early start for me. I imagine around 10 or so I’ll be battling to stay awake. I’m sure there’s something for that.

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