Two local kids up for Presidential Scholar honor

For a while, anyway, I plan to post more of my day job stuff here, in part so this sight isn’t just filled with tales of losing weight. Those will be here, too, probably in more quantities in the future.

The day job stories I’ll post are those that I think merit at least a little special attention. You won’t get general school board news. This story is about two students from Kitsap County who qualified as semifinalists for the Presidential Scholar program. The county typically has two or three candidates every year, but in the decade before this year there were only two semifinalists, one of whom won the award and was a student at an art school in Michigan. To get two semifinalists in the same year is pretty noteworthy. They’re competing with nine other students for what will probably be two spots, but this is a case where it really is just an honor to be nominated.

The award means a trip to DC, with a chance to meet the president. You can read Two Kitsap students candidates for national honor where my day job stuff gets published.

The video that goes with this story held a particular challenge in that the audio device I was using didn’t have enough room to record the entire conversation that I wanted. The problem was big enough that I considered scrapping the video element of the overall project. Later that evening, though, during a North Kitsap School Board meeting, it came to me how to solve the problem I knew I had. Onarheim’s interview still isn’t as crisp in sound as I would like, but I think overall the video comes as close to telling as complete a story as the written piece as I’ve ever come.

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