Meet Scoop Gibson of Springfield

Work paid my way to go see The Simpsons Movie, otherwise I might be waiting until the DVD came out. Then again, it’s had pretty good reviews, so I might have found a couple hours to sneak the movie in. On the movie’s Web site I created this character, Scoop Gibson.

My comments about the movie can be found here. The short version is I really liked the movie, but it would have been a lot more meaningful 10-15 years ago. As days have gone on, however, I find myself wanting to see it again. That’s not a bad sign.

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  1. As for the movie itself, I have to agree. After 400-some-odd storylines, writers are bound to lap themselves.

    Yet for all its wear and tear, the show still manages to have some of the sharpest writing on TV, which says as much about other programs as it does about “The Simspons.”

    While I’m a Simpsons fan, I try not to be a snob. Everything always seems better back in the old days — just ask Grandpa Simpson. That’s because the lesser moments are forgotten with time while highlights still ring clear. A still-clever show shouldn’t be punished for not matching its previous highs, yet that’s what happens.

    I, of course, watched it with friends during opening weekend. And, yes, I did laugh — more than I thought I would. But it was more out of relief than anything else.

    I was afraid that it would trot out there like some old sports star and stumble on the field, yet it held up well and even had a few surprises. And the best sign of appreciation was that I found myself quoting at least one line: “Alaska, where a man can’t be too drunk OR too fat.”

    “Do’h!” indeed.

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