Mark Twain I’m Not

As much as I admire Mark Twain’s wit and ability to tell a story and make a point without socking you (or me) in the face with it, I think what’s underrated is the guy’s hair.

Other photos are not as complimentary as the one here, but even if his hair was unkempt and unruly, his stature is increased because he was willing to keep that kind of mop on top. And look at Einstein. Would we care about relativity if it hadn’t been expressed by someone whose finger appears to have constantly been in the socket?

Alas, I can’t pull it off. There’s no place for a big-haired fat guy anymore. Well, maybe it’s just because there are so many of them out there. I let my hair go too much and pretty soon people start assuming that I spend most of time playing fantasy games online or standing in line for the next Lord of the Rings movie. I once did a seminar in a hotel room next to a science fiction convention. I’ve seen those people. I’m not among them, bless their hearts.

What makes my decision final, the decision to forego dabbling in longer hair, is on Facebook I posted as my status that I should probably cut my hair. A friend, who I hadn’t seen in ages until Sunday, responded “Yup.”

I agree.

I guess if I ever get recognized as a modern Mark Twain, it won’t be for the hair.

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