About the possible podcast name change

As mentioned in the podcast published on Monday, I may go back to naming the podcast the Narrative Arts podcast. My reasons for changing it to Field of Steve in the first place was based on a notion that journalists are pursuing more and more today, that of branding. It seemed like a good idea at the time. However, since then I’ve come to go back to my marketing experience in recognizing that perhaps what is most important in a name is something that suggests what the customer is going to get. I hope what I have been offering is narrative art, so that may be a name that lives on.

I don’t have so many listeners now that it’s really going to cause a problem. I’m also planning to get this site hosted elsewhere so I can begin advertising on the site and benefiting when the number of visits really does pick up.

I appreciate those of you who have linked to the podcasts on Facebook, supported me with financial donations and listened to each week’s episode. In the coming weeks I may take a break for a week or two to handle the logistics of moving the site. If I can do it without taking that break, though, I will. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Okay. What you’re doing IS narrative art storytelling…far better than the old “Lone Ranger” radio casts I listened to as a child.
    We slept upstairs next to a large register in the floor above the living room and floor size radio and remember quietly sprawling on the hardwood floors with my ear pressed against the register to listen to “Baby Snooks” on the radio.

    She was on past our bedtime and too funny to miss. Trouble is, she was funny and I’d have to laugh and my mother’s keen ears heard me. Not good but I usually went to sleep with a smile.
    Thanks for a super FieldofSteve…or Steve’s Narrative Arts … Sharon O’Hara

  2. You know what’s funny to me is that my dad, who is 81, tells me lots of stories about his youth, but I don’t recall any about sitting next to the radio to hear a show. It seems to be the image I have of most people of his age, and he loved the movie “Radio Days,” but his stories never involve listening to shows. I better ask him about that.


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