Reruns already? Jane

This week we go back in time to the first podcast posted. We were then and are again and will be forever The Narrative Arts podcast. The episode about Jane was the first we ever did.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be working on the creation of a new website at a new address. I’ve learned a few things over the weeks doing this podcast. I want to have a site in place when it’s time to relaunch that can handle what I hope eventually happens with this, that it becomes wildly successful.

The plan is to relaunch in early September when the kids go back to school. For the next few weeks, then, I will be posting reruns, which as I mention on the podcast is in the finest of all entertainment traditions.

Jane 072511

The Narrative Arts podcast is a production of Narrative Arts, a company dedicated to the art of the story. You can find each episode of the podcast here for now or by subscribing on iTunes.

This week’s music was from Bull Moose Jackson, the Crowder Brothers and Dano from

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Thanks for listening.

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