It’s time for Dodger baseball in Seattle!!!

For the first time since 1998, more importantly the first time since I moved to Washington, your Los Angeles Dodgers will play a series in Seattle.

I’ve been waiting for this since Nov. 10, 2000, the day I backed the Ryder rental truck up to the front door in Camas, Washington and unloaded a bed and everything else we owned that would fit. Even more so since Sept. 21, 2002, when we moved to a place that would allow me to see a Major League Baseball game by hopping on a boat and then walking a mile or so.

The Mariners have played in Los Angeles a few times since I lived here. It makes some sense, because the Mariners always have a series against their natural rivals, the San Diego Padres. (People in Seattle apparently hate San Diego. And why not? What with their sunshine and warmer water and San Diego’s thieving of our killer whales. San Diegans hate us because of how close we are to Canada, and nothing bothers a San Diegan more than someone who puts too much emphasis on the “go” in San Diego.)

Because they’re going to San Diego anyway, they might as well stop by for a drubbing in Los Angeles. It’s certainly a more efficient road trip and we know how much professional sports franchises are suffering financially.

I instantly responded to the news, released this morning, by inviting my brothers to Seattle for the wrong dates. If they only pay attention to my first text they’ll be here a month early. They’re welcome to come up and all, but I can’t promise any Dodger sightings in May. Anyone else who wants to make the road trip is welcome to come. Look for me at Safeco. I’ll be the guy wearing Dodger gear sitting with the two old guys.

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