Shedding a big guy — week 10

Still more dogs, this one lighter than the last. The caption said his name is Cooper and that he's good with kids. I could use that right now.

Last week, week 9, I called “Hell Week,” when week 10 really deserved the name. This was the worst week I’ve had so far or ever hope to have again on this journey. I lived like I was in between diets. That’s the worst place for someone like me to be, because the memory of the last diet is still fresh and the vision of the next one motivates me to eat like I’ll never eat again. I resisted little this week. And that’s how it’s possible to gain more than a pound a day.

Before going into what happened, let me commit to start the healthy process over again.

What did happen was a combo of events. It started Sunday night. I got knocked down in my job as a parent, and it hit me really hard. The kids are fine. In fact I went to bad last night very much at peace. Last week, though, something happened that made it tough for me to sleep Sunday into Monday. The weight of the events had me down all day Monday, as did the lack of sleep. You ever feel like a failure as a parent? Yeah, it was that.

My feelings about my kids got better later in the day, once I resolved to let God finally have a hand in dealing with things and when it became clear that things were perhaps not as bad as I had feared.

Still, I was very tired, which is never a good recipe for living healthy. Actually on Monday I did fine until that night, when I began a round of endless snacking. I got a good night’s sleep Monday night, but I was coming off of a week of vacation. I love the time off, but I had accomplished a lot healthwise and going back to the workplace I often feel like I’m scrambling to contribute what I should. It’s like I have to forget about everything except work. Being distracted didn’t help.

So all last week I ate like I was in crisis, which resulted in a massive weight gain, and feeling sick into the weekend, something I only began to recover from on Sunday.

The silver lining in this is that after a week of massive weight gain it’s often easy to lose most, if not all, of it quickly. So I’m back on track, or I am committed to being back on track. The half marathon is in my sights. In times past I’ve mentioned moments where it would have been tempting to quit. Often during this whole affair I’ve thought of you and it has helped motivate me to stay focused. That didn’t work last week, because in the end when times are extremely tough I have to do this for me.

So I am. I’m in this for me. I felt great a week ago. I will feel great again, even better. And now I’ve got something to prove, to the doubters, most notably myself. I can do this. I am doing it. Next week’s story will be much more fulfilling, for me.

Bottom Line:
Beginning weight: 404
This week’s weight: 387
Last week’s weight: 378.8
One week change: +8.2
Total weight lost: -17
Weight loss goal: 205
Percentage body weight goal: 50.5 percent
Percentage body weight lost: 4.2 percent
Percentage of goal lost: 8.3 percent
Plans for this week:

0 thoughts on “Shedding a big guy — week 10

  1. Hey Steve,

    It’s alright…such is life…we get momentum going, then life barks at us. The best thing to do, as I see you are doing, is just get going again…that’s how you’ll win this race! Last week’s already behind you and today you’re again back on track.

    I have the challenge of late night editing for my freelance work. I get a good groove of exercise and eating going, and then I got for a stretch of 2-4 weeks where I go to bed at 2 or 3am. As you know, that does not help.

    Anyway, just get back in the groove. That is the key to this thing. Everyday on the path, is a day closer to your freedom!


    • Those late nights are killer. I was tempted to stay up late last night to work on some stuff. Then I remembered I didn’t have to go into work early and would have the time in the morning. It kept me from snacking.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Life always throws curveballs…we just need to keep swinging! There will always be set backs as we strive to better ourselves…you are doing great…just get back up and keep going!

  3. Steve,

    I think you hit the nail on the head — you’re doing this for you. Whenever you start to feel discouraged or down, remember how great you felt during the week off work when you focused on healthy eating and working out.

    It’s so easy to fall out of a routine and so hard to get back. I’m still struggling to get back to the gym after three months off. Just remind yourself how everything feels better with a consistent workout and healthy eating  — not just your physical health, but also mental.

    I am also pretty sure you have nothing to worry about in the parenting department. You’re a great father who, through your efforts to get healthy, is showing his children what hard work and determination can produce. Keep that in mind too whenever temptation comes knocking.

    You’re doing awesome and I know you will continue to make positive strides. Good luck this week!

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