Shedding a big guy — week 11

Wrap this up in something and then attach it to your waist. Walk around for about a year with it, then unattach it and you'll know what it feels like to have lost the weight I have.

You have no idea how happy I am to be headed in this direction again. It was somewhat challenging to get back in the game, but not overly so. I went into it with something to prove and by the third day I could feel the difference.

The 6 pounds I lost was not that surprising. As I said last week, because of the rapid weight gain I did, this week would be like starting over for my body. It was all too happy to shed the excess I put on.

On Monday I went for a run. In just the physical sense I probably should have skipped it. Running heavier exacts an extra toll on the body and my knee was sore the rest of the week. Psychologically I needed to do it, though, and the effort was worth it. I needed to demonstrate to myself my own commitment to getting back to living healthy. So late Monday night, a bitingly cold night I would add, I drove to the Kitsap Mall parking lot and did some laps around one section for about a half hour.

The rest of the week I did other things to maintain the momentum. I went to bed at a decent hour one night when I didn’t have to, just because I didn’t want to deal with the effects of being tired. That can be a game killer on a diet. One night I did have insomnia, only getting four hours sleep. But I woke up the next day knowing I would be challenged. I was and I handled it.

So once I lose another 2.5 pounds I’ll be at my biggest weight drop. The real benefit is how much better I feel, both physically and psychologically.

Bottom Line:
Beginning weight: 404
This week’s weight: 381
Last week’s weight: 387
One week change: -6
Total weight lost: -23
Weight loss goal: 205
Percentage body weight goal: 50.5 percent
Percentage body weight lost: 5.7 percent
Percentage of goal lost: 11.2 percent
Plans for this week:

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  1. Steve, you’re doing great! I’ve got a coworker trying to lose a bunch of weight, too. I won’t tell him, but I’m pulling for you to win the race that I’ve made up in my mind.

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