Podcast update

What I had planned to be the final episode of “The Narrative Arts Podcast” is delayed indefinitely. I still plan to do it, but am waiting for a particular piece of music to be sent to me and to be authorized.

As for the podcast generally I’m still working out how I will continue with it. I don’t think I’ll be doing it on a regular basis anymore, focusing more on the regular writing and using the podcasts to support that. Plus, I may see about getting my stories told on other shows.

Later this month, at least that is how it is scheduled now, I have a historical story planned for the Kitsap Sun that may merit a larger version. That story could end up being large enough to market it in digital formats, such as for a Kindle. You’ll be able to get the short version free, but the long one will cost a few bucks. It will be so worth it, though, that you’ll wonder how you got it for so little money. (Enter semi-colon and end parenthesis.)

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