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Field of Steve is home of the Field of Steve podcast and other news about writer and podcaster Steven Gardner. Additionally you will find news of the world, Kitsap County, Washington and my house. I am a dad and husband and a reporter. You’ll get content about all that here, mostly the podcast, but a lot of family and reporter stuff. You will also see information about Spill Your Guts’ Guts, a book taking the stories from the first year of the podcast and retelling them. More podcasts will likely mean more books, but I also plan to write about my late father. And I think I have a novel in me, too.

Any podcast or story I tell could embarrass myself and anyone I ever knew. If you knew me before or know me now, be afraid. Be very afraid. Your dirty laundry will be flying from a flagpole right next to mine.

The name Field of Steve comes from the movie Field of Dreams, which was my favorite movie evahh, but recently I’ve been thinking I need to pick a new favorite movie, because Kevin Costner stopped being cool years ago. And I am, by all accounts, cool. And humble.

Come visit me here at the blog or at my Facebook page. I’m also on Twitter, @FieldofSteve

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