Sound of the Day: A Conversation About the LDS Priesthood Ban on Blacks

When the LDS church issued its statement a week ago on the history of its priesthood ban for black men, I posted the link on Facebook and introduced it saying:

“I have long held that you can be a fully committed and believing Mormon and still believe the reason the priesthood was denied to blacks was the racism of LDS members themselves. So it’s with that lens that I read this work and see it saying much the same thing, only in several hundred more words.”

I thought about posting a much simple intro:

“Bottom line: We were racists.”

As of this writing there are 160 comments on the entry. It seems to have died down.

Peggy Fletcher Stack at the Salt Lake Tribune wrote a pretty comprehensive story about the issue.

But I thought the conversation on KUER’s RadioWest program, posted on the Mormon Stories site, went into a lot of angles others had not.

Sound of the Day: CSI Neanderthal

It wasn’t a Neanderthal, but the dead man discovered in the Alps was dead a really, really, really long time. Really. Despite that, there were enough clues in his body that scientists were able to figure out what his last few days were like.

Sound of the Day: What I Should Have Said

I have now heard the following bit on This American Life and the Moth probably 37 times. It’s Mike Birbiglia, a comedian, telling a funny (He is a comedian, after all.) story about an awkward comedy gig. I don’t get tired of it, because being someone who likes to think he can tell stories, I learn a lot just from the technique. I pay attention to the wording, the descriptions, the side trips and the conclusions he makes about what he did. If you’re not into that, I think you’ll enjoy it anyway. It’s a very funny story.

Sound of the Day: Cremating Stevie the Cat

I’m going to try to have most of these podcasts be the shorter stories, but some podcasts don’t clip their segments individually. This is the case of a story that takes the entire hour to tell it.

This story, coming from the Freakonomics podcasts, tells how intrepid sleuths investigated whether Stevie the cat’s remains were really his. It’s one of the more entertaining episodes of Freakonomics I’ve heard.

Sound of the Day: An important story about overcoming the Klan

This is a great story from Snap Judgment, a perfect way for me to introduce daily compelling storytelling I’ve heard as I make it through my weekly collections of podcasts.

If you hear something you think deserves consideration, drop me an email at

This particular story tells how one man brought down the Ku Klux Klan in Maryland, all from the music clubs and dinner tables.