Sound of the Day: A Perfectly Broke Christmas

In case you were wondering whether I would include my own work in “Sound of the Day,” the answer is a merry “Yes!”

The Field of Steve Podcast offers you a musical Christmas story within a Christmas story, sure to warm that cheese-addled heart of yours. In this month’s episode I tell of the time I tried to replicate, kind of, a wonder I experienced as a child. So hurry on over and hear the story and some song versions that probably don’t make the rotation of those radio stations playing the same Christmas songs over and over and over and …

Sound of the Day: What I Should Have Said

I have now heard the following bit on This American Life and the Moth probably 37 times. It’s Mike Birbiglia, a comedian, telling a funny (He is a comedian, after all.) story about an awkward comedy gig. I don’t get tired of it, because being someone who likes to think he can tell stories, I learn a lot just from the technique. I pay attention to the wording, the descriptions, the side trips and the conclusions he makes about what he did. If you’re not into that, I think you’ll enjoy it anyway. It’s a very funny story.

Sound of the Day: An important story about overcoming the Klan

This is a great story from Snap Judgment, a perfect way for me to introduce daily compelling storytelling I’ve heard as I make it through my weekly collections of podcasts.

If you hear something you think deserves consideration, drop me an email at

This particular story tells how one man brought down the Ku Klux Klan in Maryland, all from the music clubs and dinner tables.