is Alive!

I estimated it would take until the end of August to make the changes I wanted to make before continuing with the podcasts. I was right on! I’m ahead of schedule, not over budget but under revenue. That Demand Media thing was a hit to the pocketbook, but not fatal.

In fact, financial viability was one of the reasons I wanted the break. I love doing the podcasts and I have book projects on my schedule, but if possible I would like it to be more than a hobby. So I put ads on every page of the website.

With the first few podcasts I had developed a few hits, but if I had done any that were hugely successful, I would have been completely at the mercy of donations to see any money from it.

At any rate, the site ( is now live. The first podcast comes out on Sept. 2. It is nice to be at this point and to be well prepared for the relaunch as well. I should have at least two podcasts ready to go by that date and another in the works.

My first new book will be published in 2012. Another author, one very close to me, should be making her book available before the new year. I’ll explain that when we get closer to launch date. I think it’s pretty cool what she’s doing.

I wrote a novel in 1999. I can’t say I’m in love with it. There is a pretty long backstory to how that book was published and why I wasn’t ultimately thrilled with the end result. But the people who read it liked it. I believe I’ll be making a Kindle version available on that.

These are interesting times we live in, but I find myself optimistic. Perhaps that is because I am enjoying so much participating in an art that thrives in good times or bad. I don’t mean it always thrives financially, but when times are tough or when they’re sailing people appreciate storytelling to serve whatever purpose it does. Whether it’s a conversation around a campfire or a major movie, we dig our stories.

Introducing The Narrative Arts Podcast

For months now I have been somewhat excited about the prospect of creating my own podcast. Here, you see, is a post introducing what will be The Narrative Arts Podcast. To get a sense of why I’m doing it, I suggest you click on the audio link below.

The shows, I believe, will usually last 20-30 minutes. This one is significantly shorter. I imagine at times it could sound derivative of other shows I won’t mention. I go into this not completely certain at what point this program will find its own voice, but I trust it will, and the voice will be mine.

This particular recording is a bit tinny. Real recording equipment, which is nonetheless pretty inexpensive, is in the mail. This introduction was done using Google Voice and a telephone. I literally, and I don’t use that term casually, called from my home phone to my cell phone, stuck the cell phone under a few blankets and recorded this. You can sometimes hear an echo because of that.

Many of the stories I do for this program will be part of coverage for the Kitsap Sun. I have one in mind for certain that I think could be a nice combination written and audio piece.

There are certain stories, I believe, that lend themselves well to audio story telling. Not long ago I approached a man about talking about his youth, growing up and going to a church that included seances and the like. In the end it just didn’t seem to fit for a daily newspaper audience, especially since the church itself was not in our coverage area. I talked with him about doing an audio program, but he was inclined to let that part of his life remain quiet to everyone. I’m pretty sure I don’t blame him, but it was the conversations with him that gave me the spark for this idea.

I plan to have the first one ready in April. Check back here from time to time about the progress of it and of the book I’m writing. More on that in later posts. For now, enjoy four minutes and 12 seconds of audio exploration.